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The "Britney Breakdown" Single Is Available Here For Download....


Rip The Music and Crucial Vinyl are excited about the release of  "Brittney Breakdown" by Franki Doll. The tune [written by the Crucial Heads] was recorded by Franki Doll and her Orange County based band. The song was produced by the Crucial Heads, Franki Doll, Jeff Gross and Matty Spindel. The video has been featured on television, all of the entertainment web sites and has been written about all over the news. You can order a download of the single for $1.99 by clicking here. "Britney Breakdown" is a straight from the heart power pop "message" song to one of America's most beloved teen sensations. It was written at the height of Britney Spears' very public breakdown. Now that Britney is finally getting the help she needs, the song serves as cautionary tale for teen sensations everywhere! For more information, write to



The Music Video That Everyone Is Talking About!



Also available at Youtube



Franki Doll's Performance Video



Also available at Youtube

Send Us Your Karaoke Of "Britney Breakdown"!


Now's your chance to become "the biggest thing to hit Youtube"! Here are the lyrics and the instrumental music track  to "Britney Breakdown". Make your own video and upload it to  Just send us an email with the link to your video and we'll feature it on the site.


"Britney Breakdown"

[Favale and Garner]


And start all over again
Hey Britney
Your meltdown
Your meltdowns
The talk all over the town
This whole story started with a kiss
Madonna's lips at the VMA's
Now I hate to see it end like this
A pair of scissors as your beauty fades away
I've been watching you from my room
Thanks to Paparazzi, Perez Hilton, TMZ
But now I see you on the evening news
How long before I see you on Court TV
And start all over again
Hey Britney
Your meltdown
Your meltdowns
The talk all over the town
You go to rehab like its Jiffy Lube
You’re in and out in a single day
You’re the biggest thing to hit Youtube
They’re selling your hair in an auction on E-bay
I see you driving round in your car
Starbucks in your hand and your baby on your lap
But now I think that you have gone too far
Let the baby take the wheel so you can take a nap
And start all over again
Hey Britney
Your meltdown
Your meltdowns
The talk all over the town
You left your home without your underwear
We turned our heads and looked the other way
That vacant look is like you just don't care
Does Paris Hilton dress you and tell you what to say?
Now we’re stuck with Kevin Federline
I hope your next husband has a better voice
Baby you’ve been hit one too many times
You better straighten up while it’s still your choice
And start all over again
Hey Britney
Your meltdown
Your meltdowns
The talk all over the town
Ya gotta leave LA
Favale, Garner, Rip The Music  2007 | All Rights Reserved

The "Restless, Restless" CD Is Here AND The Music Video AND Five New Jukebox Entries!


After much demand, the "Best Of 'Restless, Restless' Volume 1" CD is finally here! It contains 16 different versions of the song that won't go away. It has the most requested version by Kevin Remuck (winner of the "Restless, Restless" contest). It also features Robert Goulet's big band swing version, William Shatner's unforgettable "mamba" version and the demo from Tom & Vinnie that started it all. The 16 versions cover every style of music out there from hard rock, pop, alternative and country. The CD contains extensive liner notes, band photos, lyrics, karaoke version and the history of the song. Order online right now via Paypal or the old fashioned way by mail (see address below). Each CD costs $16.00 [which includes shipping].



The Best Of "Restless, Restless" Volume 1


Tom & Vinnie [2004 Demo]


Brandon Abate


Eric Garner




William Shatner


The Velmas


Nino Rossano


Jon Mattox & Sebastian Sheehan


Kevin Afflack






Jeff Stillman [Contest Finalist]


Robert Goulet [Contest Finalist]


Kevin Remuck [Contest Winner]


The Crucial Heads


The Crucial Heads [Instrumental]


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Eric Garner Strikes Again Plus Tom & Vinnie's Very First Beatlesque Cover Version!


They say that good things come in threes....but great things come in's that for a lame intro! Anyway, wait till you here these great new songs created by the Crucial Heads...our own cyber version of the Traveling Wilburys. First up is another great collaboration between Tom and I and the multi talented Eric Garner. The song is called "Better Off Being In Love". Tom and Eric did the bulk of the work on this beautiful up-tempo ballad. I gave it a gentle massage at the end I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite songs this year. After you hear Eric's version take a listen to the demo vocal that Tom and I did for the will truly appreciate what a genius Eric is! Speaking of geniuses...Franco Rotondi is our newest member of the Crucial Heads thanks to his brilliant cover version of  "Wile Away". Franco is from Windsor, Ontario and we met him when he sent in a fan letter complimenting us on our Beatlesque podcast. We hit it off right away and the result is this incredible Beatlesque version of a song that Tom, Eric and I did last year. It's so good it's going into our next Beatlesque podcast! Welcome to the Crucial Heads Franco!

Crucial Heads Downloads


Five New "Restless, Restless" Versions In The Jukebox


It's been two years since the big "Restless, Restless" contest on the Howard Stern Show and we're still getting in some amazing cover versions of the song. Will Stallmeyer (aka "mini vinnie") does an incredible job with a version that stays true to the original 'low fidelity' demo. Will is a budding film maker and this version will be haunting him long after he wins his first Oscar! Dan Smith delivers a haunting XTC-ish double tracked acoustic cover. Don Carlson does an interesting Techno Rock cover. The Junction Five add a nice little New Order type twist to their cover. Finally Kevin Costa does a great Hootie's styled cover. Thanks guys!






New "Beatlesque" AND "Beatles Cover Series" Podcasts Are Finally Here!


The long promised second podcast of the Beatles Cover Series  is ready for streaming or downloading. The sixth AND seventh podcasts of the Beatlesque Music Show is also here!


[Scroll down player for additional podcasts]




Beatlesque & Beatles Covers Playlist


Here's a handy little guide to the latest podcasts....


Beatlesque #6


Ambulance LTD - Anecdote
Slade - How Does It Feel
Mando Diao - If I Leave You
Bluebells - All I Ever Said
Coral - So Long Ago
Blue Ash - She's So Nice
Oranger - Going Under
Pleasers - Don't Go Breaking 
Neil Finn - She Will Have
New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish
Parasites -  Love Me Too
Pugwash - Apples
Redwalls - Falling Down
Richard Cummings - Hello
Rockin Horse - Oh Carol
Spoon  - I Summon You

Beatlesque #7


Artful Dodger - New York City
Elliott Smith - Pretty (Ugly)
Golden Earring  - That Day
Owsley - Sonny Boy
Grin - White Lies
Robyn Hitchcock - Madonna of the
Pugwash - Finer Things In Life
Hudson Brothers - Somebody Else
Rubber Band - Rockin' Around
Sam Phillips  - Baby I Can't Please 
Shane Gang  - Who Wrote This Song
Sloan - Everything You've Done
Spoon - Sister Jack
Sorrows  - Teenage Heartbreak
Travis - Only Molly Knows
Slade - When the Lights Are Out
Beatles Cover Series #1



Big Daddy - A Day In The Life
Blue Ash -
Anytime At All
Bobby Darin - Beatles Medley
Bugs & Daffy - Hello Goodbye
Ella Fitzgerald - Can't Buy Me Love
Harry Nilsson - You Can't Do That
Hollies - If I Needed Someone
Laurence Juber - Oh Darling
Lena Horne - Rocky Raccoon
Moby & Sean Lennon - This Boy
Out Of Towners - Think For Yourself
Peter Lippa - Misery
Peter Sellers - She Loves You (Cockney)
PM Dawn - Norwegian Wood
Raffi - Octopus's Garden

Beatles Cover Series #2



Anthony Newley - Within You
Adrian Belew - Free As A Bird
Petula Clark - Please Please Me
Teenage Fanclub - Tell Me What Y
Arlo Guthrie - I've Just Seen A Face
Arhur Conley - Ob La Di Ob La Da
Chet Atkins - She Loves You
Da Vinci - Sgt Pepper's Lonely
Elvis Costello - You've Got To Hide
Four Tops - Got To Get You Into My
Grandaddy - Revolution
Harry Nilsson - She's Leaving
Joe Cocker - I'll Cry Instead
Me & Them - Tell Me Why
Nils Lofgren - Anytime At All
Lara & Trailers - Run For Your Life



New Tom & Vinnie Demos Covered


Thanks to the incredible "Restless, Restless" contest on the Howard Stern show last year, Tom and I have become friends with some incredibly talented musicians. Two of our favorites, Eric Garner and Pat Barry (from Navar) have covered two of our  demos;  "Headlines, Headlines" and "Rock & Roll Child".   You can stream or download them.




New Podcast Alert ...."Who Is Don Val?" Plus Tom Gesimondo Finds A Hole In The Internet!


You are in for a rare treat. I've been sitting on an audio cassette for the past 24 years of a 30 minute radio air check that is guaranteed to blow you away. You can file this show under the category of "so bad it's hysterical". Everything about it is real. I have created an entire podcast around this very special cassette. Read more about this incredible show, tune in right now or download it to your won't be disappointed! On a separate note, proving the old adage that good things come in two, Tom Gesimondo has an incredible story about a recent internet discovery that not only reveals a huge "hole" in the internet but exposes a flaw in Google that is so huge, the stock may be worth pennies when word gets out. [Check it out]



Eric Garner  Covers "When I Woke UP"...Gets His Own Rip The Music iPod!!!


Eric Garner of "Wile Away" fame (not to mention that great cover of "Restless, Restless") is at it again.  Eric just sent us his cover version of "When I Woke Up" which was an old demo that Tom and I recorded back in 1982 during our days at WNBC radio. Eric had to do a little re-write (the dated reference to coffee "percolating" is not so relevant in this Starbucks day and age). I can't believe that Tom and I have our first dance record! As a small token of our appreciation, we are proud to announce this extremely limited edition of the Eric Garner Ipod. It's so limited, there's only one copy! Click on the iPod to hear Eric bring our songs to life. You can also download Eric's songs for your own iPod.  Act fast and tell your friends!



The Beatlesque Music Show Podcast Number Five Is Here!


The fifth addition of the Beatlesque Music Show is here! There's some great new releases along with some classic Beatlesque power pop. Here's the playlist for the new show...don't forget that all the past shows are archived in the Beatlesque Jukebox...available for streaming and downloading!


[Scroll down player for additional podcasts]


Beatlesque Music Show #5  [Download]

  • Brandon Benson – "What I’m Looking For "

  • Todd Rundgen - "Couldn't I Just Tell You"

  • Coral - "Dreaming Of You"

  • Jam - "Start"

  • Redwalls - "Thank You"

  • Jags - "Back Of My Hand"

  • Marshmallow - "Anytime Soon"

  • Greenberry Woods - "I'll Send A Message"

  • Mando Diao - "God Knows"

  • Raspberries - "Tonight"

  • Robbers On High - "Spanish Teeth"

  • Dwight Twilley Band - "Chance to Get Away"

  • Travis - "Flowers In The Window"

  • Badfinger - "Day After Day"

  • Jellyfish - "The King Is Half-Undressed"

Jeff Stillman, One Of The Top Three Finalists In The "Restless, Restless" Contest Gets Added To The Jukebox!

We just received a nice letter from Jeff Stillman who made it to the final three in the "Restless, Restless" song contest last year on the Howard Stern Show. Jeff brought up a real good point (and I paraphrase) "why the hell isn't my version of "Restless, Restless" on the damn jukebox!?". Well, the man has a point. Tom and I have been holding off posting  some of the versions because we wanted to release them on a compilation CD. We still plan on doing that but you can't keep a good song down. So here for the first time, is Jeff Stillman's version of one of the most covered song's of all time.  Also, check out Jeff's diary of his whole "Restless" experience and stop by his website to hear some of his other great music.

The "Time-spans" Game Is Here And You Won't Believe How Addictive It Is!

What started as a simple game between two friends has now snowballed into an internet sensation. Read all about it and start playing'll find it hard to stop!

The "Big Town Songbook" Is The Alive (And Growing)!

Who would have thought that a music column in the NY Daily News would become a must read for music lovers around the world. Buried deep within the Daily News web site is an archive of short but incredibly informative articles on the history of New York music. It covers every genre of music over the last 100 years. It's a must read and thanks to the incredibly dedicated staff here at Rip The Music, we have created a link interface to the Daily News site which makes navigation as easy as turning a newspaper page!

[Journal Archive]


The Winning Version Of "Restless, Restless" Is Available For Download!

You all asked for you have it! Kevin Remuck's beautiful Country/Soul version of "Restless, Restless" is now available for download at RealRhapsody. You will need Real Player V10 (it's free) to access their music store. If you don't have RealPlayer V10, click here to download it. If you already have RealPlayer V10, then click here to access the Tom & Vinnie music store at RealRhapsody. Keep on checking back for more versions of the most covered song in the past ten years, "Restless, Restless"....'it happens all the time'.

   Step #1:  Real Player V10 [Free Download

   Step #2:  Tom & Vinnie Music Store

If you are already a RealRhapsody subscriber, you can find us under "Tom and Vinnie" or "Restless, Restless".



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