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Thanks to a great piece of software called TextAloud MP3, I no longer have to deal with the hassles of getting a good microphone sound through my crappy soundcard. I'm sure there's an easier way but I haven't figured it out yet. Until I do, I'm going to stick with converting the script for each Podcast I produce and convert it automated speech. Please note that what appears to be typos are actually little tricks i used to get the computer to properly pronounce the word. That's why REM is appears as ARE EEM and Vinnie Favale appears as Vinnie Fa Volley. This is the actual text I used for the fourth Beatlesque Music Show.

Segment 0401

Welcome to an other edition of Beatle esque here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}} My name is Vinnie Fa volley and this is the fourth edition of the music show that celebrates the music of the Beatles without playing a single Beatles song. You may notice that my voice sounds a little different. I decided that I can produce the shows a lot quicker if I do the host segments using a text to speech converter. Besides, I didn’t like the quality of the sound I was getting from my microphone. We have a great hour of music with some obvious choices, some musical surprises and a sub theme of high charting Beatle esque songs. We'll also have the first appearance of an actual Beatle dipping into the classic Beatle esque musical well.

Let’s start the show with an artist who has had several brushes with the classic Beatle sound over his career as well as a memorable encounter with an actual Beatle. We’re talking about Todd Rundgren. Todd’s first band, the Nazz had the classic Beatle look and their most memorable song “Open My Eyes” was a little taste of psychedelic Beatles. Todd went on to record the classic “Something Anything” power pop album, got into a silly feud with John Len un via an interview in Melody Maker magazine and recorded note for note covers of “Rain” and “Strawberry Fields”. However, it’s Todd’s side project with his band Utopia which gets him into the Beatle esque hall of fame. In nineteen eighty, Utopia released an unabashedly Beatles tribute album called “Deface The Music”. With the cover paying tribute to the “Meet The Beatles” classic Beatles pose, it was pretty clear that Todd had the Beatles on his brain. Here’s Utopia with “I Just Want To Touch You”.

Segment 0402

You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}} That was Utopia with “I Just Want To Touch You”.  We will be hearing lots more from that hard to find album in future shows. Next up is one of the few bands on Beatle esque to ever hit the number one slot on the Billboard charts. The Stories were formed by Michael Beck who was the mastermind behind the classic sixties band Left Bank. Beck co wrote all of the songs on their debut album. He left the band just before their big hit “Brother Louie”. With Ian Lloyd doing an uncanny McCartney like vocal, here are the Stories singing “I’m Coming Home”.

Segment 0403

That was the Stories with "I'm Coming Home". {{Pause=1}} Up next is another artist with strong ties to the Beatles. Len un and McCartney fell in love with Harry Nilssons first album. Len un went on to spend his famous "lost weekend" with Nilsson in Los Angeles when he was producing Harrys "Pussy Cats" album. In addition to being a great songwriter, Harry also knew a great song when he heard one. His cover of Badfingers "Without You" went all the way to number one in nineteen seventy one. We'll be hearing Badfinger's version in a future show. Here's Harry Nilsson.

Segment 0404

You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}}That was “Without You” by Harry Nilsson. No conversation about the Beatles and their effect on popular music is complete without discussing various bands tagged with the label of “the next big thing”. Oasis was one of those bands. They dominated the British charts in the early nineties with a series of Beatle esque songs, heavy on the Len un sound. Taking the name of one of their biggest songs from a George Harrison soundtrack album, here's Oasis with “Wonderwall”.

Segment 0405

That was Oasis with “Wonderwall”. {{Pause=1}}Our next song continues today's theme of high charting Beatle esque songs. In fact our next artist goes one better by actually looking like one of the Beatles. Here's Paul McCartneys doppelganger Gilbert O'Sullivan with “Alone Again”.

Segment 0406

You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}}That was Gilbert O'Sullivan with “Alone Again”. Our next artist was blessed with a healthy dose of critical acclaim from his McCartney inspired debut album. Unfortunately, his record sales didn't match the reviews. Here's Emmit Roads singing “With My Face On The Floor”.

Segment 0407

That was Emmit Roads singing “With My Face On The Floor”. {{Pause=1}}Our next song is performed by our first Beatle esque super group. Comprised of two thirds Rascals and one third Raspberries, here's Fotomaker with “Where Have You Been”.

Segment 0408

You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}}That was Fotomaker with “Where Have You Been”.  Our next band emerged from the ashes of new wave and punk at about the same time as ARE E EM. Pioneers of the alternative music scene they always had an undercurrent of Beatle esque melodies and harmonies running through their music. Here are the dee bees with “Judy”.  

Segment 0409

That was the dee bees with “Judy”. {{Pause=1}} While not nearly as popular as the fab four of Beatle esque bands like the Raspberries and Badfinger, our next band certainly can lay claim to being one of the pioneers of the great Beatle esque sound. Here are the Shoes with “Oh Karen”. 

Segment 0410

You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}} That was the Shoes with “Oh Karen”.  And now, a special surprise. Coming up next is our very first Beatle esque song that was done by an actual Beatle. Of all the Beatles, Ringo probably wore his Beatle stripes a little more prominently than the other. On this next song, Ringo perfectly fuses the “I Feel Fine” period of Beatle music with a dash of Abby Road. Here’s Ringo Starr with “Weight Of The World”.

Segment 0411

That was Ringo Starr with "Weight Of The World". {{Pause=1}} Our next band was Detroit's contribution to the you s punk rock movement. They were more pop than punk and scored two huge hits in the early eighties with "What I Lake About You" and "Talking In Your Sleep". They always slipped in a few Beatle esque gems on their albums and here's one of them, the Romantics with "Little White Lies". 

Segment 0412

 You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}} That was the Romantics with “Little White Lies”. Coming up next we have a band that everyone loved to hate when they took new wave into the top ten with a string of carefully calculated faux punk pop songs. How can you not love a band that features a Beatles harmonica sound and takes it into the top 40 (in nineteen seventy nine no less)? Taking their name from an early sixties movie directed by Richard Lester who directed the Beatles movies, here are the Knack with one of their better songs “Good Girls Don’t”. 

Segment 0413 

That was the Knack with "Good Girls Don't". {{Pause=1}} Our next band can boast that one of their members (Eric Stewart) was part of Paul McCartney's band circa "No More Lonely Nights" and another member (Graham Gouldman) was a key figure in the British invasion. Ten see see were formed in the late sixties and had a fluke novelty hit as the Hot Legs with "Neanderthal Man". They went on to start their own recording studio and backed up and produced Neil Sedaka on his classic come back album "Sedakas Back" in nuneteen sevent five. They had a huge hit in nineteen seventy six with "I'm Not In Love". After two of the founding members left the band, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart continued for several more albums. Here's ten see see with "Reds In My Bed".

Segment 0414 

You are listening to the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music dot com. {{Pause=1}} That was Ten see see with “Reds In My Bed”. Our next band was one of those classic one hit wonder pop groups from the early seventies. While not as blatant as some of the other Beatle esque songs we play here, the lead vocal is very reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s early solo work. Here’s Brewer and Shipley with "One Toke Over The Line". 

Segment 0415

That was Brewer and Shipley with "One Toke Over The Line". {{Pause=1}} As we wind down another hour of Beatle esque music, here’s a reminder to keep checking Rip The Music dot com for new editions of the Beatle esque music hour and the Beatles cover series. We end the show with a fluke Beatle esque song mainly because the band does not really fit into the classic sound we play here. However, one of their hits sounds like a first cousin to the Beatles “She’s A Woman”. Here are the Sir Douglas Quintet with "She's About A Mover"

Segment 0416

 That was the Sir Douglas Quintet with "She's About A Mover". {{Pause=1}} And that wraps up another edition of the Beatle esque music hour here at Rip The Music Dot com. {{Pause=1}} Until the next show, this is Vinnie Fa Volley saying "Hello Goodbye"






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